The SchlossGhost reports

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m the secret star and ever-present VIP guest at SchlossHotel Zermatt. My name? Ghost. SchlossGhost. I go back many decades, and just love what I do! My duties include flying down corridors and through walls, sometimes making a bit of noise. I also go around the hotel with our host, my friend Alex, or get up to mischief with our hard-working staff. I sometimes make things disappear or cause serviettes to waft around.
I’m very inquisitive by nature. So I like eavesdropping on our team and finding out their secrets, but also their individual likes and some great tips about Zermatt. Over the years, I’ve probably acquired more inside knowledge of this place than anyone else here. I’m quite proud of that! And because I’m very talkative and you’re my favourite people, I’ll probably divulge a few more top tips in future editions of this blog.

Introducing the world’s most invisible concierge

Introducing the world’s most invisible concierge

Our most popular member of staff, the SchlossGhost, will now be reporting regularly from SchlossHotel.



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