July 2021

a 70km Eldorado of biking trails

I simply have to tell you about my latest hobby: biking! You’ve probably already worked out that I take our motto “Stay active. Stay well.” very much to heart. And since I took up sport regularly, I’ve been feeling physically in better shape and mentally well-balanced.

I enjoy sport most when I’m with Alex, and biking is what we’re into at the moment. I’ve always liked riding bikes and I love the great outdoors. What I didn’t realise until recently is just what a biking Eldorado we have here! There can’t be many regions of Switzerland that have more to offer for biking than Zermatt. From relaxed going-with-the-flow to technically challenging high alpine trails, the region has something for everyone, and it will take you quite a few days to discover the whole area. The exciting thing for every biker – novice or pro – is that every trail has its own distinctive character: forest-floor terrain, rocky stretches or ones built for speed. And whenever I fancy sparing myself the climb, I can easily take the ride up on our mountain lifts (to trails such as the Drover Trail, Glacier Garden, Mark Twain, Rock’n’Roll (Lauberen) and so on.). The great thing is, I can enjoy the fantastic panoramic views of our mountains without any effort.


A first time for everything

As a beginner I started by taking the basic course at BikeSchool Zermatt. They teach all the key skills there, first in their training area and then out on the trails. There are some great ones to practice on, such as the Hobbit, Zermatt-Täsch, Flowtrail Sunnega, Höhenweg, Moos Trail and YoYo.

If you don’t want to go hell for leather from the start, you’re best off exploring the Sunnegga/Rothorn area first. Its easy trails and its lakes, which provide the perfect places to stop for a break, are ideal for beginners. 

 bike hotel zermatt

Challenge accepted!

If you’re looking for a stiffer challenge and a longer tour, you’ll find the Matterhorn side (Schwarzsee) will tick your box. There are even tours that pass really close by our iconic peak. The ascent is an adventure in itself, and at some points you’ll need to carry your bike. The forest tracks take us up above 3,000 metres and guarantee an indescribable panorama!


Seeing as I’m a beginner, I’ll definitely choose the e-bike for that trip. Fancy joining me? You can easily hire all types of bike at a number of bike shops in the village. There’s even a 10% discount for our guests at Bayard Sport Zermatt. The great thing about hiring is you don’t need to clean it yourself afterwards ;-). For guests with their own bikes, we even have our own cleaning and service station here at SchlossHotel.

 bike experience Zermatt

The personal guide’s insider tip for pros

For the professionals among you, there’s either an advanced course or you can book a guide, who will show you the region off the beaten track. Destinations to explore on your own include the Hörnlihütte, with its very challenging single-trail descent, and of course all the EWS stages. And if you already know all the trails and routes in Zermatt, why not visit neighbouring Cervinia in Italy? 

If you’re after the ultimate biking thrill, how about helibiking? I for one get dizzy just looking out of the top turret at SchlossHotel. After an excursion like that, I really do need an après-hike/bike CBD massage here at the hotel!

helibiking Zermatt 

From starter to dessert, by bike

Everyone knows how much I like my food! So I’m definitely going to try the e-bike Taste Tour, where you saddle up to enjoy the best mountain restaurants from Sunnegga to Findeln: starter at Restaurant Othmar’s, main course with a Matterhorn view at Restaurant Findlerhof, and a sweet finish at Restaurant Sonnmatten. I do hope they’ve got cream slices. If so, I’ll be ordering two! After all that, if I’m so full I can’t countenance getting back on my bike, I’ll take the mountain lift back down into the valley and let Alex ride back to the hotel on his own.


Here’s a list of the nicest mountain restaurants where you might like to stop off: 

At Findel: Chez Vrony, Paradiesze Seewijnu

At Schwarzsee: HermetjieSchönbielhütte

At Furi: Restaurant Furi, Blatten


Just so you know, my favourite restaurant is Stafelalp. I love that blend of traditional cuisine and a modern touch. Really worth a visit!

I don’t know about you, but I for one really feel like getting on my bike! Rendezvous? How about here at SchlossHotel! Our team will help you plan your own tailormade biking break in Zermatt.

Who’s in? 

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