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As well as yoga classes and the opportunities for sport in and around the hotel, we are especially proud of our CBD Spa – the first of its kind in Switzerland – as a place to relax and recuperate. By the way, “SwissCBD” (by Schibano Pharma Group AG) assisted us with its development. This partner company makes legal products from cannabis for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, holds a Swissmedic GMP certificate and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) licence and manufactures CBD to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) with a purity of >99%.

While Rosa at Reception was attending to a guest, I quickly did a bit of research on the internet. It seems this cannabis constituent cannabidiol (CBD) is a really big thing at the moment! It’s a natural active ingredient derived from hemp. These cannabidiols are present in the flowers (where the concentration is the highest), but also in the leaves and stems. This substance is regarded as calming, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory, all without any intoxicating effect. The latter would be induced by the cannabinoid THC, which isn’t present in CBD. Obviously, I wanted to try it out for myself, and now the hemp herbal sauna is my favourite place to be! It makes me feel really relaxed, and I sleep so well afterwards.

Our massage therapist Claudia is a mine of information about this fascinating plant. It seems there’s a long tradition in popular medicine of using hemp to treat illnesses and ailments. Claudia also uses CBD in a wide variety of ways, for example in the form of oil or as a care product in treatments that include the CBD Deep Tissue Massage, which targets the deeper layers of body tissue for a whole 50 minutes. It relaxes even the most aching of muscles and quickly gets you ready for action again after some strenuous sport.

Of course, our Spa has much more to offer. 630 m² is quite a big space, even when you can fly like me! I understand why our guests like coming here to relax. I also like to come here often, to breathe in that herbal aroma and get one of those tasty hemp cookies (by Rössli Beck in Sulgen). I really hope you too can visit soon. You might not be able to see me, but rest assured – I’ll be there!


Luxury CBD Cannabis Spa Switzerland

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