March 2021

Introducing the world’s most invisible concierge

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m the secret star and ever-present VIP guest at SchlossHotel Zermatt. My name? Ghost. SchlossGhost. I go back many decades, and just love what I do! My duties include flying down corridors and through walls, sometimes making a bit of noise. Another of my tasks involves going around the hotel with our host Alex. He’s my friend, and the only one who can see me. Another thing I like is getting up to mischief with our hard-working staff, for instance by making things disappear and causing serviettes to waft around.

I’m very inquisitive by nature. So I like eavesdropping on our team and finding out their secrets, but also their individual likes and some great tips about Zermatt. Over the years, I’ve probably acquired more inside knowledge of this place than anyone else here. I’m quite proud of that! And because I’m very talkative and you’re my favourite people, I’ll probably divulge a few more top tips in future editions of this blog.

At the moment, every day is just fabulous. I love it when SchlossHotel is full of guests, especially when they are active, sporty people. At the moment, they all want to get through the winter in good health and feel massively relaxed. That’s why guests come to us in the first place, with our motto of “Stay active. Stay well.”

Here at SchlossHotel we want our guests to be – and stay – relaxed and refreshed, but also active, with Switzerland’s first CBD Spa, yoga classes, vitamin shots and opportunities for sport in and around the hotel. Especially for those whose hotel room has become their office. Just step outside for a breather, and tank up on fresh mountain air and abundant sunshine. They’re guaranteed to lift your mood and boost your vitamin D levels!

You can also get seriously revitalised out on our famous ski slopes. Just yesterday Alex let me into a secret about his current favourite descent. He’s a very good skier and loves to take to the slopes whenever he manages a day off. He took the new gondola up the Rothorn then came down the Kumme and Arbzug runs – and even spotted a bearded vulture.

New gondola Zermatt

That same weekend, our receptionist Rosa put on her snow shoes and did the Discovery Trail, stopping off at “Ze Seewjinu” near Grünsee lake for a welcome meal. She enjoyed the Valais speciality “Cholera” and listened to former Hörnlihütte warden Kurt reminiscing.

Discovery Trail Zermatt

I also overheard our massage therapist Heidi at elevenses describing a nice little hike she’d done. She walked from Sunnegga to Tufteren and spotted wild deer and chamois near the restaurant late in the afternoon. She was bowled over by the experience and was showing colleagues some photos.

Wildlife Zermatt

Meanwhile our in-house technician Boris is up for a real adventure. He’s dreaming of a trip up the Monte Rosa massif. He’s saving up for the helicopter flight because he’s long dreamed of doing that fantastic descent back down into the valley. Last year, he went on a guided excursion towards Castor and Pollux. He still talks about coming down through the Schwarztor gap!

Helicopter flight Zermatt

Those are the moments when I sometimes regret I’m the SchlossGhost. But I’m a very dutiful spirit, and however much I’d like to get out and about there’s no way I’m going to neglect my duties. Still, I love listening in on all these experiences; it’s almost as good as having been there myself.

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