December 2022

Ready for the first turns in the snow

As you know: I love every season! But the start of the winter season is something very special every year. My ghost fingers are definitely itching again and I can't wait to strap on my invisible skis to blast away!

Optimal preparation in advance is at least as important as planning the first days of skiing. It is advisable to train the muscles now. This is not only recommended for better performance on the skis, but also as an injury prevention measure. Whether for ski tours or alpine skiing, the following training tips definitely make sense!

Increase leg strength

Both on the descent and on an ascent, the muscle groups on the back of the thighs are heavily used. Well-trained muscles help prevent injuries. Of course, split squads, which perfectly train the muscles of the front of the thighs and the buttocks, are very effective. But single leg deadlifts are also very suitable because they prevent injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament. Step ups also help to improve the impression during a step and ensure that the leg axis is better controlled. The leg-specific training program can easily be integrated into daily fitness.

Build and expand endurance

Endurance is a crucial factor, especially when it comes to ski touring. This must be trained accordingly in order to avoid injuries. One model has proven particularly useful for this purpose: the so-called polarized training. Even competitive athletes rely on this proven method. Both areas are trained: intensively and calmly. Training in the medium heart rate range is avoided as far as possible. The intensive units strengthen the cardiovascular system and the body receives plenty of oxygen. In relaxed training, the body can then use this. That is why one tries to separate the two areas intensively (approx. 20 percent) and not intensively (approx. 80 percent).

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A strong hull provides stability

The musculature of the torso is important both for the ascent and for the descent, as it ensures stability in combination with a well-trained upper body musculature. A good exercise for the abdominal muscles are the V-Ups or the «Superman», which require a lot of balance and core muscles. Of course, side planks are always a good thing when it comes to building core muscles.

Coordination is the be-all and end-all when it comes to security

Well-developed sensorimotor skills are extremely important for ski touring. A sure footing and a high level of balance protect against dangerous situations in steep and impassable terrain. Single leg stands prepare you for balancing on one leg, and star jumping promotes control over the leg axis and prevents knee or foot buckling. Stabilization training is definitely good preparation.

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So you see, I've been really into pre-season training. Of course, as always, our team from the SchlossHotel, which is not only active but also very sporty, is one of the reasons. And of course I don't want to be inferior to him when we open our doors for the new season on November 25th. On the contrary: I have set my own sporting goals for this winter. Hopefully you'll be there too; whether rushing down the mountain or running up it. I'm looking forward to you!


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