August 2021

Running Uphill
and Down Dale

As you know, I am a very sporty spirit; true to our motto” Stay active. Stay well”. My latest discovery: Trail Running, a form of long distance running on unpaved and unmarked footpaths. You are at one with nature and face the personal challenge to go to your own limits and maybe even overcome them. Of course, you are primarily working out the lower body however, the upper body and sense of balance are also required.

I've been wanting to try trail running for a long time, and since we offer courses at the hotel, I jumped at the chance to get some insider information from our trail running expert Victoria Kreuzer. You should start slowly and carefully. Lace up your running shoes two to three times a week and run a maximum of four to five kilometers. It's best to vary this training with other sports, such as cycling or swimming, because they use completely different muscles. Once you feel comfortable with these sessions, it makes sense to start with a strategically planned trail running workout. Support for this is available, for example, from a sports doctor, running specialty stores and, of course, our coaches. One of the most common mistakes is running too fast. Systematic training does involve pushing yourself to the limit. However, as a rule of thumb, the slow, long sessions should be run at a mileage that is more than a minute above the competition cut. Trail running is seldom about a specific average speed, but the same rule applies here: better to train too slow than too fast.

Training in Zermatt means having many routes to choose from, so there are countless options for both beginners and professionals.

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Professionals can gain a lot of altitude metres on the technical terrain around Zermatt. For well trained and technically skilled trail runners, it is recommended to run the various Matterhorn Ultraks routes, which include the most beautiful trails around Zermatt. With the different distances and altitude metres, there are exciting routes for both the vertical and ultra runner. Thanks to the mountain transport system, you can easily run individual routes and shorten passages. This is especially practical for beginners, who also have the opportunity to run varied trails high above Zermatt on technical terrain without having to climb many meters in altitude.

Victoria’s favourite trail, by the way, is via the Ritzigrad to Rothorn. She loves the view of the 4’000-metre peaks and the Zermatt panorama in all its imposing glory. Another tip from her is the Sunnegga trail because it is short and steep and once at the top, you are rewarded with a wonderful view. If you want, you can even jump in the Leisee to cool off. If you prefer seclusion, you will find peace and quiet in the Hohbalmen region.

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Preparation is also important when Trail Running. It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast. In general, the weather in the mountains can change quickly and, especially in summer, there are often unexpected thunderstorms. Another important point is, of course, the right equipment. This includes trail running shoes with a good tread, poles, breathable clothes and, depending on the weather, a light wind or rain jacket. In addition to drinks and a small snack, you should pack a change of clothes.

On the subject of food: After training, the best thing is to go for a nice meal and enjoy the wonderful view. From gourmet restaurants to uncomplicated mountain eateries, there is everything your heart desires. After all, after an intensive workout, you are allowed to spoil yourself – in keeping with our motto “Stay active. Stay well”

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As part of the celebrations surrounding the first ascent of the Matterhorn by Lucy Walker 150 years ago, we at the Schlosshotel, are offering a trail running camp just for women. Our experts, Victoria Kreuzer and Bettina Sulliger-Perren, will give you tips and reveal their own personal tricks. The camp is suitable for both beginners and professionals. I will probably mingle with the women, no one will notice!

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