Your Family Hotel in Zermatt 

Want to make the most of your stay with your children in the mountains?
With our insider tips, this will certainly not be difficult for you.
Zermatt is generally very child-friendly and uncomplicated.
In Zermatt, everything can be reached quickly and easily on foot. Even the journey to the top of the mountain
is never boring, whether by train or gondola - these adventures make every child's heart beat faster.

Family Rooms & Apartments

Discover the most suitable rooms & flats for families.


–Family Room

–Family Suite

–Deluxe Apartment








Family Rooms & Apartments

Supplements for children

Extra Beds 

–for children up to 6 years free of charge
–from 6 - 16 years CHF 50.- per night
–from 17 years upwards CHF 80.- per night
Extra beds are only available in Boutique Junior Suites

Baby Cots

Only available in Boutique Junior Suite and Deluxe Double Rooms. Available free of charge, upon request.


Free of charge available in the breakfast room

Supplements for children



Here, young, and old can enjoy 100% fun - Our playroom, including table football, table tennis, darts, billiards, Lego & Co, is a great place to relax, and even keeps the kids entertained
when the weather is bad.

Pool and Family Sauna (accompanied by parents)

On the mountain during the day and in the pool in the afternoon -
A combination that is sure to delight your children too.


Please note, the Schloss Spa is only accessible to children aged 16 years and over


Open to children aged 16 years and over. Yoga and fitness classes can be attended by children from the age of 12 years. Please note, we do not offer a special program for children.


Family Playgrounds in Zermatt

Obere Matten

There are two brand new playgrounds within 5 minutes walking distance from the SchlossHotel – built in 2020/21.
Here you will find swings, slides, climbing towers, sandboxes - everything that a child desires.

Obere Matten


In Winkelmatten, approx. 30 minutes walking distance from the hotel, you will find a great climbing playground. This is targeted at children approx. 6 years and above, however, there are also swings for smaller children.


Forest Funpark

The climbing park for parents & children! Here, young and old enjoy a great adventure. The Forest Fun Park promises an adrenaline-filled experience with lots of fun. It has five great courses for adults as well as the largest kids' trail in Switzerland.

Forest Funpark

Important Contacts

Alpine Nanny

For those who are on holiday and would like to enjoy some time alone with their loved one or friends, rest assured, your children are being well looked after. We are pleased to recommend The Alpine Nanny. She knows how to have fun and is sure to give your children an unforgettable time.

All details at:


The nearest pediatrician is in Visp.
We recommend Dres. med. Auer-Bloetzer, M. Auer & A. Wefers.

Otherwise, you are also well looked after by Dr. Bannwart, general & emergency physician in Zermatt.

Contact: +41 27 967 11 88

Dining out with Children

The restaurants in Zermatt are generally very family-friendly. There isn’t a restaurant where children
are not welcome. However, we would like to highlight a few in particular.
The following restaurants are equipped with highchairs for children.

Mountain Restaurants

The following are particularly recommended in summer,
due to their proximity to playgrounds

Findlerhof, Findeln

Fluhalp, Rothorn

Blatten, Furi

Al Bosco, Gornergrat

Gitz Gädi, Furi

Mountain Restaurants

Restaurants in town

In Zermatt there are usually 2 options when dining in the evening: 6.30 - 8.30pm or from 8.30/9pm
For you as a family, option 1 at 6.30 pm is probably the best choice.






Restaurants in town

Wolli Card

The Wolli Card is a free club card for children, who spend at least one night
in the destination Zermatt - Matterhorn.
Children up to the age of 8.99 receive the Wolli Card.
With the card, children up to the age of nine can enjoy a free holiday.

The advantages include:
– Free use of the mountain railways
– Exemption from tourist taxes
– Free use of the local bus

Summer in the Mountains

Family Hiking tipps

Gorge adventure


Zermatt - Gorner Gorge - Blatten mountain restaurant (playground) - Ricola Herb Garden - Zermatt, approx. 1.5h

Everyone will enjoy this hike, without having to plan a big excursion.
At the end of the village (approx. 25 minutes walking distance from the hotel), a well-marked path leads through the Gorner Gorge to the mountain restaurant, Blatten. Here you can spoil yourself whilst keeping an eye on your children in the playground. Afterwards, take a detour to the Ricola Garden. Who hasn't always wanted to know how the fine herbal drops are made?


The Gorner Gorge is an experience for the whole family. Since the last ice age, the waters of the Gornervispe have carved an ever deeper chasm. As you walk along the wooden walkways through the gorge, you become immersed in the world of the power of water and rock faces.

Ricola herb garden
Here you can learn about the 13 herbs from which the world-famous drops are created. Touching the herbs, rubbing them between your fingers, smelling and tasting them is not only allowed, but also encouraged! Information boards provide details about the herbs and their properties.

Gorge adventure

Lake day


Zermatt - Sunnegga - Blauherd - Marmot Trail - Lake Leisee (Playground day at the lake) - Return with the Sunnegga Funicular


Sunnegga Funicular
Through the interior of the mountain on the funicular railway - get a seat right at the front or back, so that the little ones have the best view through the tunnel on the rapid ride.

Marmot Trail
In summer, the marmot observation post can be reached on foot from Sunnegga in a few minutes - an unforgettable experience for the whole family. A marmot theme trail explains interesting facts about these popular burrow dwellers.

Zermatt's bathing paradise. Children's playground and barbecue areas invite you to linger. Children play with the big raft and splash around, while the adults enjoy the view of the Matterhorn.

Lake day

Thrill guranteed


Zermatt - Furi - Suspension Bridge - Dossen Glacier Garden with Forest Playground – Furi

Take the gondola to Furi - from there it's a short hike (max. 30 minutes), to the suspension bridge, directly after which you will see the Dossen forest playground. The suspension bridge is an attraction. The playground is nicely laid out, great for picnicking and spending time.


Suspension Bridge
The suspension bridge runs 90 m above the Gorner Gorge. The view down into the roaring waters of the Gornera displays the tremendous force of the elements.

Glacier Garden with Forest Playground
In the Dossen Glacier Garden you follow the traces of glacial erosion on secured paths. The holes formed thousands of years ago, called glacier pots, are clearly visible. Who will be the first to discover the rock cave, from which Giltstein (soapstone) was once quarried? Right next to it, a well-appointed children's playground. Attractions: Climbing stone, swings, hanging xylophone. Well-equipped barbecue area.

Thrill guranteed

Hike & Swim


Zermatt - Täsch – Lake Schalisee - Zermatt

This pleasant hiking trail, in the direction of Täsch, begins almost directly behind the hotel (approx. 5 min.). The path leads through areas with and without forest, over hill and dale, meadows and pastures.


Air Zermatt Heliport
Weather permitting; you can observe the helicopters at the end of Zermatt village.

Lake Schalisee
Well-deserved after the hike, a dip in Lake Schalisee beckons at the end of the route. Snacks are also available so the tired little hikers can regain their strength with an ice-cream or something more filling.

Hike & Swim

Winter in the Mountains

Winter family tipps

Ski & Snowboard

Our tip for an exciting family ski day:

Ski on Sunnegga - Wolli Beginners' Park Sunnegga & Eisfluh

Sunnegga ski area is quickly accessible from the Schloss Hotel and as the name suggests, it lies in a sunny location with fantastic views. The slopes are easy and refreshments are available.

Perfect for families because:

* With the Sunnegga funicular, you are easily and quickly at the top of the mountain
* Thanks to the sunny and sheltered location, Wolli Park is a particularly great place to spend time and is often warmer than in the village.
* The pistes to the Eisfluh lift and Findeln are uncomplicated, as is the standard piste from Blauherd to Sunnegga.
* Findeln: great choice of nice mountain restaurants, for a nice long lunch.

Tip: The "Beginner Ski Pass" is valid for Zermatt - Sunnegga, Sunnegga - Blauherd, Eisfluh, the Findel lift and Lake Leisee - Shuttle. If you are not planning to use any of the other cable cars with your children, then this offer is a very good deal.

Ski & Snowboard

Tobogganing Fun on Rotenboden

Even for those who don't ski or snowboard, Zermatt has a lot to offer in winter. Among other things, the toboggan run from Rotenboden. The toboggan run on the Gornergrat is not only the highest in the Alps, but also one of the most beautiful. The Matterhorn, together with the mountain panorama in Zermatt, is a dream vista par excellence for tobogganers.
The fast paced run takes about 10 minutes.
Thanks to the special ''tobogganing ticket'', you can have fun all day long, until you can’t sit down anymore!

You don't have to worry about much, just dress warmly (Important: helmet, gloves, and good shoes!) and off you go. The Gornergrat Train (2 minutes walking distance from the hotel) takes you and your family comfortably up to Rotenboden. You can rent the toboggan on site. You pick it up at the start of the toboggan run and return it to Riffelberg station following your adventure.

All further info at: Sledding fun on the Gornergrat

Tobogganing Fun on Rotenboden

On the Ice

Ice skating and ice hockey in the heart of Zermatt

The Zermatt natural and artificial ice rink is situated in the centre of the village. Here you can skate in the freezing cold. Whether you're an ice princess or a future ice hockey pro, the whole family will have fun.

Perfect for families because:

* The equipment can be conveniently rented next door at Julen Sport
* Children's Playground - there is a children's playground right next to the ice rink, so even the very little ones are kept busy.
* Sport Pavilion - the sport pavilion is located directly next to the ice rink. If you have a cold nose or weak legs, you can take a break and regain your strength.

On the Ice

Winter Hiking - Our Top 3 for Families

AHV Trail (Winkelmatten Playground - Return) 

This is a beautiful circular trail around Zermatt. The Sunnegga lift brings you up to Riedweg, from here you follow a tranquil uphill path, just far enough that, depending on the outlook, houses or woodland can be seen. There are various puzzles & hands-on stations along the way, to keep the kids entertained. When you arrive in Winkelmatten you can stop off at the playground and, depending on how you feel, return to the hotel by E-bus or on foot. (Approx 1.5 hours)

Rotenboden - Igloo Village - Riffelberg

Take the Gornergrat train up to Rotenboden. From here you walk all the way to the igloo village with a magnificent view insight. A highlight for the whole family! If you are hungry, you can enjoy a delicious fondue in the rustic igloo village. Then it's on to Riffelberg. Tip: Take a slide with you for the children - this will make the hike even more spectacular for the little ones.

Sunnegga - Tuftern 

Close by and yet far enough from the hustle and bustle. The funicular railway brings you conveniently to Sunnegga. From here, a beautiful, well-prepared winter hiking trail leads towards Tuftern. When you arrive at Tuftern, you can stop for a small snack (the restaurant is very basic). Towards the end of the afternoon you can often spot deer and chamois as there is a feeding trough near the restaurant.
Tip: Take the toboggan with you, so the little ones can take a break along the way. (Approx. 1-1.5hours)

Winter Hiking - Our Top 3 for Families

Paths suitable for Baby Carriages

Baby Carriage Rental

Some families may not wish to take their
own baby carriage to Zermatt.
It is therefore worth renting the correct baby carriage model
directly in the village.

Bayard Sport


Baby Carriage Rental

Baby carriage paths

Hiking is also possible with small children who cannot yet walk. There are various hiking trails suitable for baby carriages.

Here are our suggestions:

Furi Trail / approx. 1.5h

Take the gondola to Furi. Then walk back to the village on the gentle, asphalted road via Moos. It is usually very quiet here. There are hardly any people around. Sometimes a squirrel scurries across the road, and the view of the valley and the mountains is not to be missed.
* Sections with shade and sun alternate
* Beautiful trees (larches, stone pines)

Forest trail/ approx. 2.5 - 3h

Travel comfortably up the mountain on the Sunnegga funicular. From Sunnegga walk towards Tuftern and then via Patrullarve and Ried back to the village. When the sun shines on the forest, the resins of the larches and pines exude a pleasant scent. Take a deep breath, pure relaxation. On the edge of the well-maintained gravel path, there are rustling sounds everywhere.
Who can spot the first squirrel nibbling on its pine cone?
And who can recognize the cackling of the pine grouse?

Tip: Take a break at the mountain restaurant, Ried.

Baby carriage paths

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