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Get in your FLOW

We’re undergoing a mighty makeover from April until July 2024. Firstly with our name – which will be SCHLOSS Zermatt going forward - and secondly with our whole look and feel. More energy, fresh rooms, new delights.

Our philosophy has always been to ‘stay active, stay well’. Now we’re taking that to the next level, giving you the goods to re-energise and find your FLOW. FLOW is that serene state where time slows and expectations fall away. You’re feeling good and feeling level, squeezing the best out of life.

This is what SCHLOSS Zermatt is all about.

A place to soak up Zermatt’s rhythms and get into the swing of giving your body the good stuff.

Like free morning workouts in a pristine Gym, followed by a big-waffle-breakfast and a day of dopamine-boosting activities. Treks, sessions in Switzerland’s first CBD Spa, quiet moments, roaring fires, Matterhorn views and good-mood vibes.

This is a house full of life. Ready to FLOW?


Time for a refresh

Recharge batteries, rearrange cells, activate joy. SCHLOSS Zermatt is a hotel that rewards adventure with balance. Go big on the mountains, join us at the bar for a Valais wine, or take it easy in town.

We’ve got a host of new services and specials to tell you about: a revamped breakfast, an update to our CBD spa, and a new focus on getting a good night’s sleep.

New name & look

New name & look

We will be SCHLOSS Zermatt. Nice and simple.

Revamped breakfast

Revamped breakfast

Fresh, nutritious and energising options await.

Extended Spa

Extended Spa

Our CBD Spa embraces the power of vital mushrooms.

Advanced sleep series

Advanced sleep series

Get the best rest possible with our new sleep focus. 

Dreamy bedrooms

Stylish, cosy and fresh, our bedrooms are designed to provide the best rest possible. That starts with comfy Jensen beds and continues with our shower essentials tweaked to your preference, and an in-room sports kit that includes your own yoga mat.

Central and serene, our bedrooms range in size from Solo to Suite. For larger groups there’s also the Apartment, Penthouse or Cottage - all of which come with home comforts like a kitchen and washing facilities.

First Flow Hotel Switzerland
The New Hotel in Zermatt

New Concept

Welcome to
the good life

SCHLOSS Zermatt is a family-run hotel in the heart of Zermatt, and a place to find your flow – that state where you’re in the moment and full of life.

‘FLOW up’ with morning walks and outdoor sports. ‘FLOW down’ with time on the yoga mat or a book in bed. Either way, whatever you do, wherever you go, and however you move, just have fun.

This is a place to fill up on life. The good life.


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